V12 Zagato / RM Sotheby’s auction

During the Paris Auction show on 8 February 2017, organized by RM Sotheby’s, a very special V12 Zagato will be offered for auction.

A short lot description: chassis number 31235 is perhaps the most special of the V12 Zagatos produced, as it has several elements that Aston Martin created purely for the owner and are unrepeatable. Marek Reichman led the design team in crafting the requested scarab beetle badge, handmade from actual beetle wings – harkening back to the Aston Martin logo originally designed in the 1920s. This design is completely unique and has often been requested by other owners, but it will never again be repeated. As unique as its badges, the key is etched with the well-known Zagato ‘Z’ unlike any other Zagato. And by special request of the original and current owner, the car was titled “No. Zero” and a special engine plaque was made commemorating this title. More information can be read on the official website of RM Sotheby’s.

Source images: Tim Scott ©2016 Courtesy of RM Sotheby’s;
V12 Zagato